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When it comes to finding the most experienced and trusted tradespeople in the business, nowhere has a directory quite like Tested Builder. All the builders you will find within these pages have been vetted and given the seal of approval, so you will only ever find the most knowledgeable, well-qualified and experienced traders in the UK. Whatever the job, however small or complex, you’re guaranteed to find the right tradesperson for you.

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From carpenters to plumbers, handymen to kitchen specialists, we have traders capable of taking on any and all forms of building and maintenance work. You can easily narrow down your search by using the handy filters, with every category covered to ensure you find the very best person for the job.

Within these pages you’ll be able to search for electricians, gas engineers, demolition specialists, carpenters, joiners, handymen, kitchen specialists, plumbers, tilers, roofers, painters and decorators and waste removal experts. Our extensive list of building pros is unmatched by any other review or comparison site, giving you the greatest choice possible when it comes to selecting your tradesperson.

All the individuals and companies we have on our books have been rigorously checked and vetted by our expert in-house team, to ensure that only the very best make it onto our site. Here you can read reviews from other customers and learn more about past projects, to get a good impression of what you can expect.

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Once you’ve drawn up a shortlist, you can contact the builders of your choice for a free, no obligation quote for the job in hand. We have expert tradespeople to handle any project, so all you need to do is wait for your quotes, choose your favourite and get your home improvement project underway!

Thanks to our easy comparison tools and honest reviews, you can browse our directory and feel confident you’re getting in touch with only the very best in the business. Tested Builder has made sure you get the very greatest choice possible, and by testing the knowledge and expertise of those we list, we can ensure you’re matched to the ideal builders for the job.

To get started, simply use the filter tool to let us know what sort of project you need taken care of, and you’ll quickly find a range of tradespeople who could be a perfect match. For more help and guidance, feel free to get in touch with us today.