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Plumbers are essential to keep your household’s water systems in a good condition. Regular plumbing maintenance can prevent cross-contamination, keeping the water in your home clean and safe.

Tested Builders will help you find local plumbers for different types of plumbing services, such as leaks & burst pipes, repairs, drain rodding, drain jetting etc. When searching for a tradesman with Tested Builders, you will have an option to select your budget allocated for the renovation.

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2022 Prices for Plumbing Services in the UK

The cost of plumbing services highly depends on the type and size of the job, for instance, a plumber will charge more for repairing a water main leak than for unclogging a drain. Moreover, the time that the plumber worked, and the cost of the parts & materials also influence the final price.

So, what are the average prices for different types of plumbing services? We have created a table presented below that might help you.

Plumbing Job Estimated Cost
Repairing a tap £60 to £130
Blocked drain cleaning £100 to £150
Toilet replacement £145 to £315
Unclogging a toilet £75 to £150
Emergency call out fees £100 to £130
Radiator installation £150 to £210
Fixing leaking pipe £75 to £140
Dripping wet wall/ceiling £150 to £200
Radiator valve replacement £120 to £200
Gas safety certificate £35 to £150
Replacing a thermostat £80 to £350
Pipework replacement £600 to £1200 per 20m
Water heater repairs & installs £400 to £700
Snaking a drain £100 to £800
Radiator valve replacement £120 to £200
Boiler repair £80 to £400
Slow draining sink £70 to £120
Clearing sewer pipes £150 to £200
Bathtub replacement £70 to £125
A new shower installation £250 to £380
Installation a sink £120 to £270

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