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We know that home painting can be stressful and time-consuming for the homeowner.

That is why we offer high-quality painting services with our tested and vetted tradesmen.

Tested Builders will help you find local painters for either small touch ups, painting a room or an entire house. Moreover, if you need help with designing and decorating, many of our tradesmen offer these services as well. When searching for a tradesman with Tested Builders, you will have an option to select your budget allocated for the renovation.

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2022 Prices for Painters & Decorators in the UK

When it comes to painting and decorating, the homeowner usually firstly thinks about the colours, the design, and the paint type. Then the most common question is how much it would cost. Well, the price would depend on what you plan to paint, whether it is a room, just a wall or an entire house, or maybe you want to paint a garden fence. All mentioned factors determine the price. Luckily, Tested Builders has analysed thousands of tradesmen and now we can tell you about the exact prices in 2022 for painters & decorators in the UK.

So, let’s get straight to the point. The average price for painting and decorating of a Victorian style room is around £500. Of course, every tradesman determines the cost themselves based on the size of the room.

Painter & Decorator Cost Low High Average
Painting and Decoration Cost
per Standard Medium Room
£400 £600 £500
Painter and Decorator Daily Charge £190 £220 £205
Painting and Decorating Walls
Cost per m2
£8 £14 £11
Painting Floors Cost per m2 £45 £65 £55
Painting 2 Bedroom House £2,000 £2,800 £2,400
Painting 5 Bedroom House £6,000 £8,000 £7,000
Painting Hallways and Stairs £750 £950 £850
Painting a Door Both Sides £60 £70 £65
Painting Wood £6 £8 £7
Painting a Celling £350 £450 £400
Wallpaper Labour Cost per Room £400 £600 £500
Exterior Cost for Painting
Ext Painting 2 Bedroom House £1,000 £1,400 £1,200
Ext Painting 5 Bedroom House £1,900 £2,600 £2,250
Painting the Fence £1,900 £2,600 £2,250

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