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Getting projects with Tested Builders

  • For as little as £30/month you will have access to various types of projects related to your trade
  • We will create a personalised sticker of your logo and deliver to you for free
  • We will help you to improve your profile and advertise it

Getting leads -
the process

Our aim was to make the process of getting a job as easy as possible
for our tradespeople. We implemented two possibilities that will allow
you to do get the project and it is up to you if you use both of them or
just one.
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The easy registration process will
allow you to begin a journey with
TestedBuilder. Now you are
allowed to fill in your profile, add
an email address and a phone
number, attach pictures or
references of your previous

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Be contacted directly

Your account will appear on the
'Local Page' where homeowners
who are looking for local
tradesmen are able to contact you
directly via email or phone.
Keeping a nice profile with a lot of
information and pictures will
encourage more homeowners to
contact you!

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Buy a job

On TestedBuilder there is also an
option of buying a job leads once a
homeowner fills in a form to see
the quotes. A tradesman who
matches the requirements has a
chance to be the first one that gets
a project, paying a small
percentage first.

How Do
You Attract

Are you new to the website
and not sure how to get more
projects? No worries, just
follow these rules!

  • Make sure to complete your profile, upload pictures of
    your past projects, and describe your service. Include as
    much information as possible.
  • To boost your profile, you can have up to 3 feedbacks
    from the old clients you had before joining TestedBuilder.
    Make sure you take advantage of this option!
  • When a potential client is calling you, remember to
    always respond politely and let them know about the
    details of your service.
  • Always After the completed project don't forget to ask for
  • If you are just beginning your career as a tradesman,
    start with smaller jobs with a budget of around £100-
    £300. Once you improve your skills and get more
    feedback, you can focus on bigger projects.

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We've launched our first mobile
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