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Things to know when Choosing the right Tradesman

Updated: 02th February 2020
With so many different tradesmen out there it is very difficult to assess each person and analyse if they would be suitable for your job.
Things to know when
Choosing the right

How to choose the right tradesman? Whether you are looking for bathroom fitters, kitchen specialists or even just a reliable worker to assist with painting and decorating, it can be difficult to know exactly how to choose a person who is right for you. With so many different tradesmen out there, all claiming to be the best, it is very difficult to assess each person and analyse if they would be suitable for your job.

However, our experts at Tested Builders have years of experience in connecting builders with jobs. Here are three things to always look out for

1 - Online reviews

One of the best ways to understand the quality and temperament of tradesmen is to take a look at their online reviews. These are traditionally left by previous customers, so will allow you a reliable and trustworthy source of information. These reviews usually note any problems that may have occurred, so give you a well-rounded appraisal of tradesmen from which you can make a decision.

2 - Previous jobs

Many quality tradesmen are proud of their previous work and will have a portfolio of jobs they have completed. Always take a look at pictures of completed jobs so you can understand if that person has the skills you require. This also allows you to get additional ideas for your own project, and tradesmen will always be happy to incorporate aspects of previous jobs into your work. If a tradesman works a lot within your local area, then you can always ask if you can see some of their other jobs in person to really see the details.

3 - Invoicing

As well as the quality of the work, you need to be sure that any tradesman you work with will stick to the budget and invoice limits you initially set. Always discuss budgets before any job, and make sure that costs are set out in advance. While there is likely to be some sort of variation from the initial tender, ensure that additional costs are discussed before your tradesman does any additional work.

Following these steps will help you find a quality tradesman who is right for you! always tries to connect the right people to the right jobs, so why use anywhere else?