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5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas You Should Follow

Updated: 02th February 2020
Tired of that same, old kitchen? It’s time to revamp your kitchen’s look! These kitchen renovation ideas are easy to implement.

Renovating your kitchen can be a challenging task mainly because this essential area is also known as the heart of a house. Whilst there are so many kitchen renovation ideas out there to get your house ready for spring, you might find yourself for the most relevant ones out there.

Wondering what those kitchen renovation ideas are?

Listed for you are our favorite 5 kitchen renovation ideas that you must follow in 2019.

1 - Revamp the Kitchen with the Right Color Aesthetics

Your kitchen speaks volume about you. Not sure why is that so?

Well, it helps define your personality. Color theme definitely sets the tone for your kitchen. From cabinets to walls, opting for the right color is highly effective in kitchen renovation.

Even though this seems like an obvious renovation idea, here is what you need to take into consideration:

- Make sure you keep your overall color theme in mind

- The color change should definitely add a breath of freshness (for instance, you can go for green, sea blue, yellow, and so on)

- Whilst choosing color, choose the one that makes you smile

- Ensure that the color is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean

2019 has brought about various changes in home improvement trends. Though bright kitchens never lose their beauty, your kitchen renovation is incomplete if you don’t go all dark and moody. White kitchens are now a thing of the past while dark and cozy looks are trending.A dark brown, wooden or a dramatic green hue adds a sense of elevated energy while evoking positivity and good vibes in a kitchen.

2 - Replace the Counter Tops

Granite countertops are totally outdated in 2019. Additionally, they are extremely dangerous for hygiene as they tend to collect bacteria in them. Thus, if you’re planning some kitchen renovation, you might as well want to add a touch of quartz to your countertops.

Quartz gives your kitchen a timeless look but also makes your counter sturdier. However, the only concern that this countertop has is that of wearing away if exposed to extreme heat.


3 - Choose Glass Hoods

Contrary to the traditional hoods, an exceptionally innovative idea for your kitchen renovation is to add a glass ceiling. Slim and sleek glass hoods are a good alternative to prominent hoods that also give a bulkier look.

There are various glass hood brands that offer you a classy look and that too with some added convenience. Not only will this add a touch of elegance to your kitchen but would be a noticeably worthwhile change.

4 - Go for Unique Sinks

Let's face it: kitchen sinks are the most used yet most ordinary part of the kitchen. Thus, when opting for kitchen renovation, make sure to pay extra attention to your sink.

Here’s what you can do:

- Opt for intricate designs and unique fixtures that can lift any boring sink. Prefer using a material that not only compliments your kitchen’s overall look but accentuates it too.

- Another trending renovation idea includes covered sinks. With these sinks, you cannot only get additional counter space (when the sink is covered), it also helps cover up your messy dishes lying in the sink.


5 - Renovate the Flooring

Flooring is by far a distinctive feature of the kitchen. When renovating your kitchen, make sure you get creative and opt for flooring that makes your kitchen pop out. Give your kitchen an aesthetic punch with patterned tiles or colorful rugs. You can also take advice from home renovation professionals about choosing the right flooring for your kitchen.

Moroccan-style tiles work too on the flooring and give your kitchen a unique and artistic touch. There is no limit to being creative especially with the trending mix-and-match styles. However, make sure it compliments your look while is easy to clean and good with concealing spots.

Wrapping Up

Renovating is fun. Not only does it help you get a new vibe but touches your creativity too. Start off with your kitchen, make sure to incorporate these top five kitchen renovation ideas onto your list to enjoy a trendy and unique kitchen for yourself.