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Hiring a tradesperson during the coronavirus

Updated: 12th April 2020
Hiring a tradesman you need to take certain precautions.
Hiring a tradesman you need to take certain precautions

The current country-wide lockdown in the UK has instructed people to stay in their homes at all times, apart from in a select few circumstances. Key workers that are not able to work from home are free to continue their jobs, and, given that workers in the electricity, oil, water and gas sectors fall under this category, it is still possible to hire tradesmen to work on essential jobs in your home.

What steps should you take if you have a vulnerable person in your home?

If there is a person in your household who is at a high risk of contracting COVID-19, the government has advised that work can still be undergone by tradesmen if it is necessary to ensure the safety of your household, including emergency repairs and plumbing. If you do hire a tradesman to work in your home during this time, make sure that you inform them that there are vulnerable people in your home so that they can take the appropriate precautions. While work is underway, it is best to keep any vulnerable members of your household away from the room in which work is being done as an added safety measure.

What steps will your tradesman take during their visit?

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that both the members of your household and your tradesman are safe during this time, there are a number of steps your tradesman can take. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks and disposable gloves, are an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus through touch. Your tradesman can also ensure that they are washing their hands and using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser regularly.

If you require essential work from a tradesman at this time, you can ensure that the health and safety of your household is protected by being vigilant and following the government guidelines.

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