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Best Decorating Trends in 2022

Updated: 13th July 2022

Trends are often based on what the society needs at the moment. Although you don’t have to follow all of them blindly, they might inspire you to transform your home just a bit.

1. Olive Trees

Olive Trees

Olive trees are becoming more and popular in 2022. The plant will give your home an aesthetic and beautiful look. Some people decide to grow real olive trees, whereas others prefer the fake ones. Olive trees demand lots of sun, so if you live in the UK, reconsider all the aspects needed to take care of these plants, especially in the winter.

2. Vintage Art

Vintage Art

Vintage paintings can bring character to your modern room and make it feels unique. It might be hard to find true vintage art, but you can always look for vintage inspired art at the affordable price. There are plenty of websites that sell vintage inspired art, plus you can also go to your local vintage store.

3. Earthy Colours

Earthy Colours

Earthy tones have been popular in the interior design lately. These are dull colours containing some brown/brownish hue that resembles the colour of earth or soil. Earthy room helps to unwind and recharge. Earthy tones have a soothing, relaxing, and nature-friendly atmosphere.

If you are planning to change the colour of your interior walls, our recommendation is to hire a professional painter & decorator on Tested Builders. Our tradesmen will help you to choose the right shades that suit with your furniture.

4. Furry Textures

Furry Textures

Furry rugs, sofas, armchairs, pillows, blankets - who wouldn’t want that? They are extremely comfortable and we found that more and more homeowners decide to implement some pieces in their living room or bedroom. Some of the most popular plush fur furniture are furry grey benches and fluffy white ottomans.

5. Irregular Rugs

Irregular Rugs

Irregular rugs are not new to the market - you have probably seen them before. However, in 2022 there is even more of them and there are more interesting shapes and patterns that you can choose from. So, if you want to add an interesting accent to your room - check out irregular rugs!

6. Curved Furniture

Curved Furniture

Looks like funny shapes are trending this year! Curved coffee tables, sofas, chairs, lamps are interesting pieces that will give your home a new modern vibe. Curves are unique, fun and definitely get at attention. And what’s interesting is that they take their roots back in the 1970s, when designers started embracing a more feminine approach to modern furniture.

If you struggle with finding or deciding on the best furniture for your house, you should consider taking the advice from an experienced designer. You can easily find a local tradesman based on your budget and expectations on Tested Builders.

7. Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring is a mix of two popular types of flooring - vinyl and laminate. This combination is perfect for homeowners with a busy lifestyle as the floor is water, scratch, and dent resistant. Moreover, hybrid floors are highly durable, affordable and stylish!

8. Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden wall panels have made a comeback! Fans of wood panelling assure that it works with most styles, modern or traditional - it doesn’t really matter. Wooden panels will reinvigorate your room and give it that antique finish.

Tested Builders gather the best carpenters in your area who will install any kind of flooring or panelling you wish. Search for a trustworthy carpenter below.

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