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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Electrician

Updated: 02th February 2020
Finding the right electrician might take time. You should consider all the factors to answer this question, “Who is the best electrician near me?” Here’s how.

If you’re experiencing any electric issues or simply want to get some upgrades in place, your first question probably is, ‘Where can I find a good electrician near me?’ This could be a bit of a challenge, especially if it’s your first time calling in a tradesman.

Feeling nervous about calling in someone to handle your wiring issues?

Consider the factors below before picking up the phone, and you might resolve some of your confusions:

Searching ‘Electricians Near Me’

Technology has advanced to amazing levels, so why not make full use of it? Begin your search by going online and typing ‘electricians near me’ in any search bar. See if services like Siri or Alexa can help you find the right electrician.

You should also consider going to online groups and discussion forums for your areas for your query. Consulting real people and seeking real reviews for complicated tasks like electricity is a great idea. You might even find someone who had the same problem and is able to recommend an excellent electrician with confidence.

Other than going online, you should also seek out recommendations from people you know in your area. This includes family members, friends, and member of the community you live in. A positive experience can surpass technical qualifications in several cases, ensuring you a satisfactory service at the very least.

If you can't find any recommendations, ask potential electricians for their resources. You may then call up those references and see if they’re genuine.

Licensing and Insurance Policy

Before you finalize your electrician, make sure they hold the proper licenses. The license would be the guarantee that your contractor has gone through the required courses and experience. This makes them qualified to tackle your job with safety and competence. In fact, you’ll more likely be fully satisfied with such electrician. If you like his work, you can tell others, “He is a capable electrician near me.”

Don’t be shy about asking to see an electrician's license, along with making sure it’s current. The license will tell you if the electrician has the experience you require and no restrictions about working in your area. The insurance policy is also important here, so make sure it isn’t expired.


Value for Fees

Check out the electricians in your area, but don’t decide unless you have a few quotes at least. Communicate the work on hand, along with the materials and fittings you want as clearly as possible. It will be even better if the company providing electrician services also provide other home repair services such as plumbing.

The quote should come with a pricing breakdown, so you can understand how to compare quotes. Going for the lowest price isn’t recommended if the electrician won’t fulfill your requirements.


A Master Electrician has the guarantee of at least three years’ experience and a 1-year warranty for their work. Some organization might give you an electrician with accreditation in energy efficiency. This decision will help to control your energy costs.

Personal Instinct

There’s no point in hiring an electrician who speaks and acts with a bad grace. Sloppy work, a rude attitude, and a shady personality can negate any qualification or experience they have. A professional demeanor is a requirement above all, so don’t go for anyone who doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

Communication also comes under this consideration, as it’s essential that you can get your point across clearly. Does the electrician communicate any delays, and does the home repair company is honest about its quotes? If the two of you understand where the other is coming from, go ahead and make the hire.

What’s Next?

Finding a decent electrician might take some trial and error, but it’s absolutely worth it in the end. The right person will get the job done, make proper recommendations, and will hopefully become your go-to for any issues in the future.