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3 ideas for livening up your living room

Updated: 25th April 2020
It’s called a ‘living room’ for a reason! These simple painting and decorating ideas will breathe fresh life into a tired room.
Hiring a tradesman you need to take certain precautions

The living room is one of the parts of your home where you will spend the most time, so you want it to have a lively feel. Sometimes that means redecorating to revive a room you have grown weary of. Here are three simple painting and decorating ideas for giving your living room a lift in 2020.

Create more space

One of the best ways to make your living room feel brand new is by creating more space. This is something that can be easily done if there is a room next door to it that is not being used for anything important. By knocking down a wall that is non-load-bearing you can turn two rooms into one king-sized lounge!

This is a messy task though and one that entails some risks. If you are not sure whether it is safe to knock down a wall or not, bringing in qualified builders to do the job will make sure you avoid expensive accidents!

Change the colour scheme

Changing the colour of the surfaces in your living room will have an amazing revitalising effect. If the current colour scheme leans heavily on muted shades like beige, grey or off-white, redecorating in bolder colours such as deep blue, red or brilliant white will give the room a totally different feel. You can do the repainting yourself if you want a project. Alternatively, turn to painting and decorating pros if you are too busy or want it done to a high standard quickly.

Replace worn out windows

If you have had the same windows in your living room for years, they may well have become worn and shabby. This will mean the room is not getting as much natural light as it should. Getting quality tradesmen to fit a set of brand new windows will let the sunlight come streaming into the room and make your lounge a welcoming place of light and warmth.

In conclusion

Redecorating your living room is a chance to flex your creative and artistic muscles, but if you feel you need some help from the professionals you can find top quality tradesmen of all types here.